Our Summer Bucket List - The First 10 Items

F&B and I have been creating a list of the things we want to do, or redo, this summer.

1. Make sidewalk chalk paint again:

2. Make monster face bookmarks:

3. Create some
thumb, hand and foot print art and write a story to go with it:
4. Make cupcake magnet cards:

5. Make paper bowl jelly fish to decorate the kitchen:

6. Learn simple sewing skills and make hedgehogs:

7. Experiment with more popsicle flavors:

8. Work our way through the Scrap Kins Build-it Book to make more recycled art (we reviewed it for MomTrends in April):

9. Participate in several summer reading programs, with the added rule that each book can only be used once, along with building our own reading chain of books:

10. Make silly band soaps, or snowglobe soaps (mostly, I want to try making soap):

More to come, I'm sure, as we keep cataloging the ideas we find on Pinterest!

Follow the pictures or the links to find full directions for all projects on their original sites.

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  1. All of those look great fun! I'm so impressed that you do all of these wonderful crafts :)I particularly love the hedgehogs.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful idea!!

  3. Wow, thanks for posting these awesome ideas! I'm going to bookmark this page so I can find it again! Love all your summer plans. :) Have fun!

  4. Those hedgehogs are way too cute! Where did you get the pattern from?

    Sounds like you guys are off to a good start for the summer. Maybe I should come up with a list too.


  5. Never mind. Not sure how I missed the link for the hedgehogs... So simple and so cute! Thanks for sharing!


  6. What great ideas!! My girls would love these! I definitely want to make sidewalk paint and those hedgehogs are soooo cute!


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