The Joys of Pool Ownership

When we bought this house 5 years ago, the one thing I wanted was a pool in the yard.

I knew it would involve money and upkeep, but I had no idea what that upkeep would involve.

There were the ducks that came for a swim.

There was the year, on my birthday no less, that there was a freaking *mouse* sitting on the hose to the cleaner and I had to get the neighbor's son in law to get it out for me.

There was the snake my dad found in the filter basket.

There's the big scary spiders.

There are bunnies who can't swim, including one on the day of Faith's first grade sleepover (so thankful I found that before I had 8 little girls here).

And then there's this ...

It's a crawdad. At the bottom of my freaking pool. Tonight. And my husband isn't here.

I cannot find the skimmer and I can't look back by the pool equipment because there is a little skeleton of some sort near the pump, so I'm afraid to go in that area.

The rake is not long enough, the neighbor does not have anything longer than a rake, so the crawdad stays for now.

Faith wants to know if she can keep him for a pet.

I'm locking the door in case he manages to get out of the pool. Just in case.


  1. Oh my word! Your pool is like a mini-zoo! :-)

  2. Lucky we have a screen cage over our pool, but I have still saved many lizards, toads, and baby snakes. We've had larger snakes come through the drain hole in the cage, but luckily the find their own way out. Had to chase a squirrel out too. But in Florida some cases people have had gator in their they say in FL watch out cuz any water there could be a gator!


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