Packing the Perfect Kids' Travel Bag

As mentioned before, we are in Canada for our annual summer visit to see my mom and dad. Although we've driven the last few years, this year, it's back to the plane trip. And with a plane trip comes packing a small travel bag per kid, that they have to be able to carry.

So, what goes in the perfect travel bag? Faith offered to lend me hers to illustrate:

  • A new book! She actually had a couple this trip, Sophie the Awesome is just one of them. Ben is loving the Sid Hoff books lately, so he had a few of those

  • Lacing cards - We bought ours at Michael's for $1, Ben has a boyish set too. They are quiet, non-messy, and easy to do, even when on a plane

  • Magnet dolls or books - Faith has princess ones that fit in a tin, Ben has a book style one with vehicles. Again, quiet and non-messy are the selling points and it's hard to loose pieces that stick to the surface

  • Word searches, crossword puzzles or mazes - Coloring books don't keep F&B busy as long as these do, so we usually have one or two in the bag.

  • Mad Libs - Faith loves these, and Ben can play along too, as long as you describe the kinds of words your looking for.

  • Wood & fabric paper dolls - I bought this from Discovery Toys when Faith was about 2 and it is our favorite travel toy of all times. Over the years, I've added extra fabric scraps to it to make new outfits, but Faith could design costumes for ages.
These are packed into rolling hand carries that they can manage on their own, because I don't need more things to carry in my own bag. I carry the snacks, and their iTouches, in case delays get long, but those are a last resort rather than first choice. Plus, if I can get them to find something fun to do, I can enjoy my book too.

Side note, other than books, all travel items stay in the travel bag till the next scheduled trip. They are much fresher that way.

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  1. Where did you get the Disney Princess word searches? My daughter would love those!


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