Recycled Art - Tissue Box Car Wash

This one isn't quite as fancy as some of Faith's Littlest Pet Shop tissue box creations, but I'm at my parents' house and my craft supplies are in Dallas.

Since we are heading home on Wednesday, I decided to make this one as a template to get an idea how to make it and promised Ben that we'll make one he can keep in Dallas (and I have Cars2 tissue boxes at home!).

That said, it's fairly impressive for no supplies at all!

The front view, with the cars coming out of the hanging carwash thingies (cut from a spare napkin, I'll use scrap felt on the next one). Ben found some cars that needed washing and some workers for the wash.

Back view or car entrance, with paper towel roll "rollers" for the cars to go through. Final version may feature some paint or a bit of fuzzy cloth to make the rollers feel like rollers, but this is still template version!

And Mr Ben himself hamming it up, he found a plastic pen thingie to use as a pretend hose. One last note, final version must feature some sort of string/yarn to be a hose.

Apparently, there's no need to buy the boy birthday gifts, cardboard is enough!

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  1. Very cute :) What a great mommy! Visiting from the Tip Junkie link-up :)

  2. Seriously, cutest car wash ever! What a fun & affordable toy.

  3. Omg how clever!

    I run Fun Family Crafts, a library of craft tutorials geared at kids of all ages. I would love it if you'd stop by and submit this to be featured! (I link to you, I don't post your tutorial on the site) Feel free to submit as many kid friendly craft tutorials as you like!


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