Homeschool Plans

It's back to school time for F&B! We decided to take the better part of the summer off from homeschooling, since many of their friends attend regular school and we wanted to have fun with them!

First Day kiddos!

This year, Faith is in 4th grade and Ben is in 1st. We're still using our rather eclectic curriculum. Every time I think I find one I like, there's always something missing or one part that I want to change, so I am giving up on that theory and just buying what I like.

Faith is still using HWOT for cursive, Saxon Math, and Spelling Workout. She also keeps a daily journal and we're using unit studies for social studies, science and literature. Our first literature unit is Mr. Popper's Penguins and for science, we're doing food chains and food webs. We're starting some very early American materials in social studies, but I think I may backtrack to some explorers first.

Ben is following where we left off last year with Saxon Math and Spectrum Phonics. Since he was already doing 2nd grade materials at the end of K, we just ended wherever and picked it back up. We're using readers from my grandma's classroom still and he still keeps his journal too. For science, he's learning about bean seeds and plants and for social studies, it's all about the American flag. We're going to start a literature lapbook as well, on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!

I'm kind of liking the unit study way right now. I ordered or downloaded single units, then we can pick the next one depending what seems to fit best, even integrating the different subjects.


  1. Where are you getting your unit studies from? I need to find some for this year for C. We are doing the unit study route too. I think next year I'm going to Oak Meadow for everything but spelling and math.

  2. I'm eclectic in my homeschooling, also. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about not sticking with one curriculum..but mostly I am pretty happy puttering around and using what works. I think you said it exactly, I find things that I like parts of-but the whole thing doesn't usually quite do it.

    happy homeschooling! (visiting from the HHH!)

  3. Shannon, your kids are seriously cute! Just wanted to let you know! =)


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