One Year of Ben ...

Mr. Ben turns 6 in a week and I was looking through pictures of him as a baby.

I decided I needed a little something for me, so put together a "One Year of Ben" mini album.

{Click to enlarge, not sure why I cannot resize!}

The cover holds his hospital picture (which never looked like him and I don't like it all that much, which is why I'm not adding a picture of it). I might have to print a better one from regular camera shots and fix it with a picture that looks like my boy!

Then, the inside holds is professional photo from each month of his first year--one month through 12 months. I had his picture taken every month on the 8th.

I really love this, and it was much more fun to make than unpacking and organizing tonight! I cannot believe my baby is going to be 6!!!

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  1. hejhej! har du nå tips på bakning till mig? isåfall kan du skriva en kommentar i inläggen ''tips på bakning?''

  2. How cute!
    I hope you can stop by PrincessReviews sometime in you're busy life! thank you!


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