Big IQ Kids - Review

In the chaos of starting the school year, multiple road trips, a food editing job and some other craziness that I will blog at some point, we also received our first review item for TOS Crew! This time, we got to check out We're more on the technophile side of homeschooling, so this seemed like a good fit for us.

What is Big IQ Kids?

Big IQ Kids is, simply put, an educational website, featuring quizzes, games, and tutorials in a variety of subjects. Subjects include spelling, vocabulary, math facts and the US states, and range from free activities to premium memberships.

Unlike many online quizzes, it is customizable to the specific child and keeps track of their progress with each use, making sure that one area is mastered before the next is introduced. Each subject is also independent of the others, so a math whiz can move ahead even if their spelling level needs work.

Big IQ Kids Thoughts

Overall, we found it to be a fun program to use as a supplement to our regular curriculum.

Highlights included:
  • State Geography - We aren't doing a great deal of this yet, since we are just entering the beginnings of US History, but with our many roadtrips, it's great to add the visual without turning it into formal lessons.
  • Math Facts Drills - We always need more of these, for both kids. While a necessity, the computer makes the drills a little more tolerable for F&B.
  • Spelling Lists - I do like the option of adding our current spelling words to a program. It broke up the regular spelling lessons and provided some fun reinforcement for the week's words.
  • Computer Time - Again, we're technophiles! It is much easier to incorporate learning games into computer time, since both kids love to play on the computer.
  • Ease of Use/Ability to Utilize - So much of the site is customizable that it didn't feel like we were using it for the sole purposes of reviewing it. I was able to make spelling lists and select math facts based on what was in our current lessons. The only aspect that wasn't a perfect fit (for us right *now*) was the US states material, but it wasn't a huge stretch to use it and it was short/simple enough to just include it with the other tutorials.

More Information

While some aspects of BigIQ Kids are free (this would be the spelling and vocabulary programs), the fee structure for the rest of the site depends on what the user wants included and how many students they wish to sign up.

I highly recommend looking over their pricing page and their membership page closely to find the plan best suited to your family. Despite using the program, I found the pricing a little confusing when it came to figuring out what would be needed for our family.

I received my membership with Big IQ Kids via my relationship with The Old Schoolhouse Crew as part of their review team. The membership was given to me free of charge to use with my children in exchange for writing a review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Great review! I'm intrigued by the customizability of it!


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