Changes Changes Everywhere

Well, changes we've known are coming for awhile that we just haven't shared with many others, but does explain my absence from blogging for the last little bit.

We've officially moved from Texas to Colorado! The view above is the view from our soon to be house on Fort Carson, which we should move into in mid-October. (Why Fort Carson? Shaun re-enlisted in the Army after a very long hiatus, and Fort Carson is where the Army sent us! We're OK with that.)

For the next few weeks, we are in temporary housing, which is all sorts of entertaining. After all, the kitchenette only includes a fridge and microwave, so I brought along a variety of appliances in the hopes that we won't have to keep eating take out till we move into our house.

F&B started school here this morning. After some thought, we decided, for now, not to continue homeschooling but to enroll them in school on post. It's located in our soon-to-be neighborhood and this way they can meet some friends who live nearby. They are both completely excited about school, so it's a great thing for them.

It also gives me more time during the day for writing. As of early September, I took on the role of food editor at MomTrends, so extra time to write is definitely needed. Fridays are dedicated to food news there, so I'll be writing the weekly recipe post/link up, food news and product reviews, fun!

Other than that, we are counting the days till we get into our house. I have craft projects begging to be finished, but no supplies. Faith's Halloween costume needs to be completed, I have a wreath for the front door that need a bit more work too, and a ton of other ideas just waiting to be created. That's the late October plan, unpacking, writing & crafting!


  1. Welcome to Colo Spgs! If you need any local advice or assistance -- I'm just up the street (near Peterson AFB) :)

  2. Was trying to find photo of 'bun rieu' from Flickr and could not find it from this site. Welcome to Colorado Springs, I am semi-native to the Springs.


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