The Halloween Cupcake!

The tale of the Halloween cupcake begins back in September, in Dallas, shortly after we got the orders for Fort Carson. Faith had been planning on being a belly dancer for Halloween, but Halloween in Dallas and Halloween in Colorado are two different things, with a 20-30 degree temperature difference. (Side note: It was actually quite lovely on Halloween, just needed a sweater to go out.)

I saw a cupcake costume on Pinterest ages ago, traced it Lemon Tree Creations, and knew that Faith would be the world's cutest cupcake!

The Official Cupcake Costume of Halloween 2011

Now, I didn't take pictures in the process of making it. I probably should have, but you know, the moving thing and all. Faith picked the colors herself, although we had to skip the yellow & purple sprinkles since they didn't go as well as we hoped. She wanted two tiered icing in different colors and a brown wrapper. The wrapper is actually machine sewn, since I knew where my machine was (it's cut out similar to the post I borrowed the idea from, with a wrapped skirt, suspenders and fence-picket style cupcake pleats).

Testing it out to see the fit with clothes underneath

The sprinkles had to be hot glued, since I could find my sewing machine and we skipped the collar ruffle since she needed a turtleneck for Colorado weather. The headband is not a headband, we ended up going with a hair clippie. Three descending sizes of pink circles make the cherry, plus a green leaf and a brown stem! Easy and glued.

Painting pumpkins at school!

Since Faith's in fourth grade, Shaun was a little nervous that the cupcake would be too "cute" for school. I brought it for her class party and was amazed at the comments, especially the boys! The one boy at her table kept saying, "You made that??? The whole thing???" Everyone seemed to love it and she wore it to the commissary afterwards. Then, while trick or treating, a lady asked her if her mom made the costume. Faith said yes, and the lady told her that deserved and extra candy! :)

As for Ben? He didn't know what he wanted to be. So he was Alien Stitch. Again. But he was cute and toasty warm.

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  1. Adorable costume. I love the head piece. Stopping by from Get Your Craft on Tuesday. I hope you stop by for a visit.


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