Thankful ...

Wrapping up our first Thanksgiving in Colorado, it's been a good week.

F&B had the entire week off from school, and I am thankful that they have friends in the neighborhood so they could go out and play almost every day. They came home tired and starving, but happy.

We ran (well, mostly walked) the Turkey Trot 5K on Fort Carson, where I am thankful for the gorgeous scenery and not so thankful for having to hike up and down hills. There is a large difference between a 5K in very flat Dallas and a 5K in very hilly Colorado Springs.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, including a bacon wrapped turkey, that I am quite thankful Shaun's unit gave to us. They provided turkeys for the soldiers, and we received a lovely turkey that turned into a very nice Thanksgiving dinner for the four of us with plenty of leftovers for a later date. And I'm thankful that my husband had a 4 day weekend to enjoy the holiday with us, and help with the turkey cooking and eating and putting away.

I headed out Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night. I am very thankful the weather was pleasant since I hit several stores, and I am thankful for the mess at Walmart which propelled me to go to Target sooner, which meant I snagged several items on my list. And I'm very thankful for the woman behind me in the checkout line at Target who told me that they had put several Netbooks back on the shelves, so I was able to get one as an extra surprise for the kids.

Our little house is almost unpacked and I am thankful we got a start on our Christmas decorations. There's still work to be done in the basement, but the upstairs is livable and showable to company.


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