Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Review

I know, I know, totally not my type of post, but sometimes, a review opportunity crosses my inbox that just screams "Hey, your husband would like this." And that's what Assassin's Creed made me think of, my husband would like this!

Now, the catch is, the review is for the PS3. Husband technically has a PS3, but it's a Christmas gift from the kids. Since the kids do not know that Daddy knows he is getting this, it's wrapped, under the tree, and he's going to pretend to be surprised. (After all, I had to call him from Target on Black Friday to figure out if the game system I was holding was actually what he wanted.) Now, if necessary, I suppose we could have unwrapped the PS3 and had him play the game, but as you all now know, we live on a military base. There are plenty of people with plenty of video game systems, and one of my friends graciously volunteered her husband to test out the game for me since he already has an unwrapped PS3.

And the reviews are positive! It's a total guy game, the fourth & final in a series, following Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed 2, and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. This game concludes Ezio's adventure, who is now following the path of the legendary mentor assassin, Altaïr. This journey takes him to Constantinople, during the height of the Ottoman Empire, where he has to battle an army of Templars.

Highlights of the game include:
  • Being able to play as Altaïr, the character from the first AC game - Now, I don't know who these characters all are, but the first game seems to feature the mentor guy, then the next two feature Ezio. This version still features Ezio, but you can also be mentor-guy if you choose to do so, which seems to give the game a different spin.
  • Being able to play online as a multi-player game against other AC fanatics - Apparently, online gameplay also makes things better, so you can test out your skills as a player against others. I assume this is like when the kids play games against each other where they sword fight via video game.
  • The ability to create and use bombs during game play - Guys like blowing things up, I think that's just a fact of life. And now you too can blow things up in the game, by making your own bombs and setting them off in scenarios that need things blown up to help you advance.
(OK, I can't actually explain these things, but apparently they are really good things if you like these kinds of things. I assume it's a guy thing.)

Needless to say, my own husband is really looking forward to unwrapping his PS3 and trying the game out too, I just think he can wait another week or two!

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