The Lake of Dreams Book Review

Kim Edwards, the author of The Memory Keeper's Daughter, brings us a new novel, The Lake of Dreams.

Now, if I'm being honest here, I might be the only person in the world who didn't like Memory Keeper's Daughter. Scratch that; the one girlfriend who borrowed the book from me didn't like it either. It had potential, but it was lacking something for me, though I've never quite pinpointed what it is. My mom loved it and has no idea why I didn't enjoy it either.

So, I entered The Lake of Dreams with a bit of trepidation. I knew I was *supposed* to like the book, but was worried that it would resonate about as well as Memory Keeper's Daughter did, and then I was in for a dilemma dealing with writing a review. It is quite difficult to write a review when you don't enjoy a book, and even more difficult when you don't know *why* you didn't enjoy the book.

Thankfully, I really did enjoy The Lake of Dreams. The story begins when Lucy, the protagonist, returns to her hometown from abroad, to check in on her mother, who has been in an accident. While she reconciles her own role in her family, having been gone for a decade with work, she also discovers family secrets, dating back several generations. Who was her aunt Rose and why was she all but erased from the family records.

But, more than a mystery novel, The Lake of Dreams is a novel of self-discovery. Lucy learns more about herself as she searches the past, and the connection between the past and the present yields the answers.

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