Reindeer Cupcakes

Shaun pulled an all night detail last week, so the kids and I made a batch of cupcakes so he'd have some snacks for a long, must-stay-awake night. However, even with sending some for him, some for the other guy on duty with him and sampling a few on our own, we still had quite a few cupcakes left over.

And then it hit! We made reindeer gingerbread, why not reindeer cupcakes? We had the M&Ms, we had the pretzels, we had the chocolate icing, and we had 8 left over cupcakes that needed to be iced and eaten.

I really think these would be a fun thing to make on Christmas Eve and leave out for Santa, except we're not home, and there are a billion different kinds of desserts at my parents' house already!

Ben seriously contemplated how to position the pretzel antlers

Faith was more concerned with the ideal eye placement

And voila! Reindeer cupcakes, and jammies, since we did this at night time.