Our Valentine's Day Goodies!

F&B and I had to come up with something creative for Valentine's Day, so we recycled our favorite Christmas zebra nibbles into Valentine's zebra nibbles and made some cute heart lollipops for their classmates.

I had bought Peppermint Hershey's Kisses after Christmas and tucked them in the freezer for this project, as well as plenty of small candy canes. (And no, it is not crazy to plan Valentine's stuff right after Christmas, that is when all the good candies are on sale).

For the Nibbles, we topped a pretzel with a Hershey's Kiss and melted them slightly in the oven, a couple of minutes at about 350. When they are soft, but still formed, pull them out and press an M&M into the middle, then let them cool and harden.

For the lollipops, we set two candy canes into a heart shape on a wax paper coated cookie sheet, then placed a stick in the center. I melted the Wilton white candy melts, and spooned it carefully into the area, using a baby spoon to move it around, then F&B sprinkled decorations on top.

For their teachers (2 classroom teachers and 5 specials that they both have), we made hot chocolate spoons. We melted Baker's chocolate squares in the microwave and dipped bamboo spoons into the mixture, coating them thickly with the chocolate. We set them on wax paper (again) and stuck marshmallows or peppermint pieces into the chocolate while it was still liquid. When they dried, we stuck them in bags and added a tag to "add to one cup of hot milk for hot chocolate or one cup of coffee for a cafe mocha". I was at the kids' school the next day and they were apparently quite the hit!

ETA: One last late night iPhone picture of the spoons drying before wrapping.