BlogHer Live Well Lived: Getting Happy

How do you put yourself first? How does taking time for yourself help make you happier?

An interesting question this week, and one that is much easier to answer, now that F&B are school aged. When they were small, then when we were homeschooling, time alone was a premium. Since our Colorado move and the beginnings of 1st and 4th grade at the school on post, this time for me has become so much easier, to the point where I no longer actually crave a few minutes alone. (That said, I still appreciate no one being in the bathroom with me.)

Most days, after I get them off to school, the husband comes home from PT and we have breakfast & coffee together. He leaves again for work and I get several hours of solitude. I have so enjoyed being able to once again write, bake, read, etc, without interruption, which in turn allows us to enjoy family time on weekends, since my alone time is carved out when the rest of the family is gone.

The alone time is a necessity, but the convenience of having it without taking it away from family time is a true blessing.

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