Girl Scouts Birthday & Thin Mint Cupcakes

This past Monday, the 12th, was the 100 birthday of Girl Scouts!

Faith's troop celebrated by trying something new, and they chose to try out golfing. There is a nice little golf course on post, complete with a driving range, putting greens, and a small 3 hole area, besides the real 18 holes, so perfect for the girls.

Faith and I offered to bring the refreshments and since it was a Girl Scout birthday party, we needed cupcakes. What says Girl Scout more than a Thin Mint cupcake?

We opted for a nice light German chocolate cupcake, with a few drops of mint extract into the batter. From there, we decorated with a bit of vanilla icing, green sugar sprinkles, green clover sprinkles, and a half a Thin Mint up top.

Although I have several good recipes for chocolate cake, we ended up being very pressed for time and defaulted to a mix. It helps when your audience is 9 and 10 year old girls and a mix is a perfectly acceptable way to make a cupcake. I also haven't quite gotten the hang of baking in this altitude (we went for Dallas, TX to Colorado Springs, CO, if you haven't been following along for awhile), so I have come to appreciate when a box tells me what to do to not ruin the cupcakes at 6000feet.

Either way, the girls loved golfing and loved the cupcakes, and we ended up with four left over for the four of us to enjoy at home.  The end.


  1. yum!! cupcakes look DELICIOUS!! following you from the blog hop!!

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  5. Hey sometimes a mix is the best way to go (ESPECIALLY at 6,000 feet :)).

    The cupcakes look absolutely fabulous and must have been if you only had 4 left over!

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  6. YUMMY! just looking at the picture makes me hungry!!! LOL

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