Our Colorado Easter

We made it through our first Easter in Colorado Springs, and the first Easter in years that my mom and dad weren't here (they came for the kids' spring break instead).

So since we were on our own, we decided to try some new traditions for the four of us. We found a little Mexican bakery and bought empanadas for breakfast (next time, we need 4 of the cream cheese ones, they were amazing). We baked a little ham for the four of us and did cold sides instead (pasta salad, curried pea salad, fresh rolls). One of our neighbors invited F&B over for an egg hunt, so they did that too.

The rest?

Ben made cupcakes for his Tiger Scout troop's Easter Egg hunt.
He actually made them on his own, with minimal mom help!

A close up of his cupcakes--
decorated with Peeps, coconut grass and jelly beans

Faith & Ben decorated Easter Eggs!

The Easter Bunny found us, some candies, a book,
a Squinkie set for Faith and a Lego set for Ben.