Recycled Art - Tissue Box Challenge, 2012

Last year, we tried out a tissue box challenge and Faith & I made an expandable Littlest Pet Shop dollhouse. Ben was a little disappointed at the time, because we used all our spare tissue boxes to make the dollhouse, so later on in the summer, he and I made his very own tissue box car wash.

Amazingly enough, both these items made it to Colorado with us when we moved here in September. Ben was actually playing with his car wash yesterday and Faith has used her dollhouse frequently. Why I buy either of these children toys is beyond me.

This year, we stumbled into our tissue box project. It all started with making a few paper dolls from muffin liners, that my friend Michelle shared over on Muffin Tin Mom. I made a couple of them for Faith, with the intention on making cards with them. However, as they were standing on my table, she and I discovered they make really awesome finger puppets, if you add some extra adhesive down the open edge.

From that little discovery, we came up with our tissue box project for this year--a finger puppet theater!

I cut the bottom off a tissue box as well as part of the top. I followed the guides from the tissue removal spot and just continued on with those to make the theater front. We used scrapbook paper to make curtains, hot glue to hold it all in place, and Faith wanted the center button because it was cute.

For starters, we have two little girl puppets and two holiday fairy puppets. I have been tasked with building scenery and more puppets while she is off at school. Oh, and if I have time, a dressing room for the theater. I'll get right on that.

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I am so glad it moved with you.

  2. This is so cute! I love that your previous creations are still in use too.

  3. Super cute idea! Love it!!

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