Meet Dante!

Yes, it's a puppy!  And he lives in our house.

We adopted him from a rescue in Denver on 6-May and named him Dante (as in the Inferno).

Dante was born in Oklahoma on 4-March.  He was found at 2 days old on the side of the road with his three siblings, with their umbilical cords still attached.  A great rescue there took them in and hand raised them with bottles and everything, all four survived!  When they were close to 9 weeks, they partnered with the rescue in Denver to bring them here to find them homes as there is more of a demand for puppies in Colorado.  We saw their furry little faces and went to check them out, Dante sat down on Shaun's lap and snuggled up, hence he came home with us.

He is a border collie mix and now almost 12 weeks old.  And he's getting a whole lot bigger, so we wonder what that "mix" might be.  He (thankfully) sleeps at night in his crate but spends his days following me about.  He can "sit" and "watch me" and loves everybody he meets, especially our two-door down neighbor who he pulls & cries to get to.  The kids are enamored, till he bites their feet.