Summer Camp Thoughts ...

A couple of summers ago, Miss Faith went to camp for the first time and loved it.  Last year, she was all set to go and we ran into some scheduling conflicts with our Canada trip and her swim team, and she had to skip out. And then we moved to Colorado.  Since her summer camp is back in Texas, it's not highly likely that she'll be able to go there.

Horseback riding, in the mountains! I want to go too!

While looking online, I discovered AO Camps (Altogether Outdoors) which has day camps in Denver and Boulder, *and* a sleep away camp not too far from COSprings. The camp is up in the mountains (and you all know my obsession with how pretty the mountains are here), and there are so many activities to pick from--horseback riding, rafting, rock climbing, hiking and backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking, fine arts, film making and performing arts.  

This would be perfect for Miss Faith. She loves the idea of horseback riding and rock climbing, I know she'd love rafting, and they sleep indoors (it's a must for my girl, she is anti-sleeping on the ground).  As much as I'd love to send Ben too, he's a little too young for sleep away camp, and the commute to the day camps from COSprings might kill me.  Since we are only guaranteed 3 years in Colorado, it would be awesome for Faith to actually try summer camp out here.  The weather alone is going to make it so much different than back home.  So with that ...

I am entering to win a session of Colorado summer camp for a child at Altogether Outdoors from The SITS Girls!  Wish me lots of luck, I'd love to surprise Faith!

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  1. I hope you win! I never went on summer camp (they're not as big a thing in the UK) but I did go on music summer schools which are broadly similar, and I loved Guide camps.


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