You Have No Idea - Book Review

I don't really remember Vanessa Williams winning the Miss America pageant (I turned 7 in 1983, there wasn't much pageant or news watching going on). My recollections of her begin with her singing career in the early 90s instead, but by that point, I knew who she was and the story behind the Miss America pageant.

 Because of this, I was kind of excited to receive You Have No Idea from the BlogHer book club. Written by Vanessa Williams and her mom Helen, I was looking forward to reading her story, including more about the Miss America pageant.

 I got that, and more. I loved reading her mom's commentary on the same stories, as well as discovering how Vanessa herself put so many potential setbacks behind her to become a success. Despite multiple times where her career could have ended, she kept moving forward, working harder and harder, with her mom by her side. Their relationship is central to the story and a great look at an amazing mother-daughter pair.

 Have you read You Have No Idea yet? Join me over at BlogHer Book Club to chat about it.


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    Hello Shannon, this is Michele from JoyReturns stopping by via the SITS Girls. I love your blog, especially the tissue box projects. Wish my mom and I had thought of that when I was a kid. Keep up the good work. You have an amazing family. God bless.


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