Ben's Summer Plan

It's summer, what does every 6 year old boy want to do?

Reading Afternoon on the Amazon

Mine has decided that his goal this summer is to read every Magic Tree House book. He's not doing too badly, considering we took a 9 day vacation and didn't bring many books along with us.

Reading Zombie Dog on my Kindle at the ER

He asked me to keep a list for him, so I am, so far, he is up to 16 books and has rotated in a few others besides the Magic Tree House.  He's also in the middle of Zombie Dog on my Kindle, Voyage to the Volcano (MTH #13), a Big Nate book, and a Magic School Bus chapter book about volcanoes too.

Ben's Rather Official Summer Book List

1. Dinosaurs Before Dark (MTH #1)
2. The Knight at Dawn (MTH #2)
3. Lunch Lady & the Author Visit Vendetta (LL #3)
4. Mummies in the Morning (MTH #3)
5. Pirates Past Noon (MTH #4)
6. Night of the Ninjas (MTH #5)
7. Afternoon on the Amazon (MTH #6)
8. Three Strikes, You’re Out for Rotten Ralph
9. The Dunderheads
10. Sunset of the Sabertooth (MTH #7)
11. Midnight on the Moon (MTH #8)
12. Dolphins at Daybreak(MTH #9)
13. Ghost Town at Sundown (MTH #10)
14. Lions at Lunchtime (MTH #11)
15. Panda Man and the Treasure Hunt
16. Polar Bears Past Bedtime (MTH #12)

I've got to say, I'm impressed with him, especially since he's just 6.