Everyday Victories for TeamMom

Yep, you know what I'm talking about, not running a marathon or scoring 100% on a grad school final, but those little things in life where you just have to think "Yes! I rock!"

This week? It's been one of those weeks.

Why, you might be asking?  Because this week is the week where the boy has Cub Scout camp daily, starting at 9am, ending at 4pm, in a location that is 30 minutes from our house and requires me to physically take him to the campsite via a trail that involves hiking on paths, not pavement.  During Cub Scout camp, the boy will not be at swim team, but the girl still will need to go.  Swim team is from 10:30 to 11:30, in a location very close to our home (but 30 minutes from the Cub Scout camp).  Oh, and swim team?  The first swim meet of the season is Wednesday night, at 6pm, in a location somewhere between the house and Cub Scout camp, but not conveniently located.  Of course, the one really busy week in the summer, it's the one week that the husband is incredibly busy at work.  That's how it always works, right?

But, so far, so good, and I rock!  Everyone has made it to their events, mostly on time, and with all required belongings.  The boy has been driven to, then hiked to, Cub Scout camp each day, with the puppy in tow, and I learned to wear shoes appropriate for hiking as opposed to cute flip flops.  The girls has been delivered to and from swim team practice, and both kids did make it to their swim meet before said meet actually started.

Of course, there is still the massive amounts of laundry generated by swim team, camp, and the fact that my son is required to wear a certain shirt for camp but comes home filthy enough that the shirt MUST be washed daily.  I'm a little happy I stocked up on Gain laundry detergent before this week started.  I'm also really caught up on laundry since I've had to make up loads each night to wash his camp clothes.  Once again, go me!

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