My Artist's Way Toolkit - Review

Although I've done several book reviews for BlogHer book club, My Artist's Way Toolkit was a bit different than those. Although it is based on an actual book (The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron), it's actually a service, a series of daily and weekly exercises to help you discover your inner, creative artist.

I learned something--my inner creative artist is more than happy to just stay put.

While I see how some personalities would absolutely adore this service, for me, juggling my own Type A personality along with two kids, a husband, a new puppy, and playing chauffeur to swim team, it seemed like a whole lot more *work* for me.

What does it include?

  • A weekly artist date - A chance to discover something new, just you and your inner artist.  I don't exactly have a plethora of time to take an alone date as it is, and in the rare occasions that comes up?  I want a book and a Starbucks and no one bothering me.
  • A weekly artist exercise - This week's was a 20 minute walk where I was then supposed to record all my deep thoughts.  I gathered up the Dante puppy, because my inner artist realized that the puppy had to go too.  My deep thought?  There is a serious lack of trashcans along my walking path.  I don't think that's quite what they meant by deep thoughts.
  • Daily stream of conscious writing - This part actually made me want to cry.  Everyday, in the morning (I am NOT a morning person), you should write three pages, stream of conscious writing, by HAND.  There is so much wrong with this statement for me--mornings, writing by hand, 3 pages.  
Again, I can see how some people would love this, love the journalling, the tasks, the ideas, but for me, it's not a good fit.  But since this is BlogHer Book Club, take a look at some of the other reviews too.

I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. hmmm, this is a great review.. I have to check out this book, m. Lovely blog you have here. Stopping in via Thee Networking Blog Hop.. Officially following your inspirational and sweet blog here today.. Hope you can stop in and pay mine a visit.. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.. xo ~ Marilyn (co-host) - Excited to indulge more around here..;))


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