The Swimmers

One of the things we were worried about when we came to Colorado was what to do about summer swim team. We loved our Texas summer swim team and swam with a group of friends which made the meets that much more fun. We didn't do winter swim team (since we were acclimating and skiing) but come summer, F&B wanted to be back in the pool. I started looking online and we found one local team that had recreational summer team along several practice locations, one of which was all of 7 minutes from our house on post.

So we joined.  The kids have daily practices, outdoors, which amuses me because in Texas, they practiced at an indoor pool.  They had their first real meet on June 20th, which went really well for Faith.  She swam a strong backstroke, finishing first in her heat and second overall, and a fairly good freestyle, finishing fourth overall.

Like our Texas team, they do give out ribbons for placing, hence her two "Mountain Swim League" ribbons.  She is loving it.

Ben had a rougher first meet, since they didn't appear to have the 6&under division he swam in Texas.  Rather, he was swimming in a 10&under group, which means the typical 6 year old has a rather rough time competing.  He was disappointed, but Shaun showed him how his times keep improving and we had high hopes for meet #2.

And meet #2 was a success!  He still swam in the 10& under group, but I have *never* seen him swim such a strong backstroke and he finished under 30 seconds.  For a 6 year old, that's huge!  He placed second in his heat and likely in the top 8 in the 10&under group.  This meet, although they swam in that group, they were supposed to ribbon in an 8&under group, so we are hoping he placed well.

No meet this week due to the 4th of July, but another one next weekend.  The kids are also thinking about switching to the year-round team which sounds like a lot of fun for them.


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