Happy 10th Birthday Faith!

Faith turned 10 yesterday!  It's kind of hard to believe 10 years have past since we brought home a 6lb bundle of energy that didn't sleep like we were told babies did.

She had a good day.  Since it was a school day, we were able to go have lunch with her.  We were going to take her out to dinner, but it was also AR night at school, where the kids could get double the points earned for any books they took tests on.  So instead of a birthday dinner, we went to her school so she could take every AR test she's been saving up.  One hour later, she had earned about 60 points, so that doubled to 120.  I think it might have been worth it for her.  (We're not mean, we took her out tonight instead to her favorite Brazilian restaurant.)

We surprised her with a Kindle from us, along with a series of out-of-print books she's been wanting (All-of-a-Kind Family) and a few other goodies.  Ben and Dante-puppy got her some assorted Squinkie sets, and lots of kisses from Dante.  She got the Lego Friends Summer Riding Camp set from Nana & Dave, along with most of the Goddess Girl books, and money from Auntie Carolyn & Uncle Bill and Grandma Carm that is earmarked for more Lego Friends sets.  Auntie Barb & Uncle Larry got her a ski charm for her bracelet and more of the Goddess Girl books.  Our one set of neighbors got her a Littlest Pet Shop set and the other set got her a camel hide purse that he bought in Kuwait, so cool!

We did have her birthday dinner tonight, and I think she wants to do a sleepover with a few friends, somewhere in between my upcoming travels.  It needs to be Abba-themed, so they can watch Mamma Mia and play Abba Dance Party on the Wii.  Works for me, no objection to her having a plan.


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