Celebrating Halloween with a Hershey's Boo Blvd Giveaway

We are almost ready for Halloween around here. The house is mostly decorated-- my witch snow globe is anchored in the front yard, complete with the swirling bats.  My not-so-spooky scarecrows (vampire, witch, Frankenstein and an actual scarecrow are lined along the flower bed.  My pumpkin directional sign hangs in the front window.  In the living room, we've pulled out the decorative candles, the pumpkin and cat tray stands, a light up haunted house and more.  The kitchen table cloth and towels have been switched to a Halloween theme too.

We've been to two awesome Halloween parties already--one at the Brigade where Ben found a zombie ring toss game, and one just tonight at Battalion where he discovered that he loves haunted houses.

I made Faith a new costume this year, with last year's cupcake costume as a back up, in case it gets cold.  She's a 50s girl, complete with a poodle skirt I made myself.  I'm rather proud of the fact that the poodle looks like a poodle.

We started some holiday baking and made Pumpkin Surprise Rice Krispie Treats.  For more pictures, a recipe and a giveaway with those, hop over to the bento blog.

Because this is our first Halloween with the puppy, we are trying to figure out the perfect costume for Dante.  Should he be skeledog?

Or should he be Superdog?  (Ben is voting for Superdog so I will buy him a Superman costume and they can match.  Because every Halloween costume should be chosen to match the family pet.)

And we're loving the candy, of course.  It's the one time of year I actually buy candy to keep in the house.  Hershey's sent us a package of York Peppermint Batties which are amazingly cute and just as yummy as the circle shaped ones.  (They also sent Reese's Pieces, but those are just for me.)  Hershey's also has a whole Boo Blvd site with Halloween ideas, crafts, recipes and more!

Hershey's is also letting me give away a York Peppermint Batty prize pack to one lucky reader.  Enter via the Rafflecopter and leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite Halloween candy is!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love Junior Mints :)

  2. York Peppermint Patties are one of my favourite mama treats - all mine because my kidlets don't like mint!

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  4. Anonymous3:25 AM

    SNICKERS!!!!! mmmmm, I love Snickers. Yes, I did just buy a bag of mini Snickers today even though I know in less then a week I will be rolling in my (oops, I mean my KIDS) Halloween candy! ;)
    Katie Culpepper
    culpepperfamily@live. com

  5. I love Twix. And anything with Dark chocolate. Like peppermint patties. :)

  6. Any chocolate mint combo! York Peppermint Patties, Junior Mints, the mint Three Musketeers that appear to not be around at all this year. Mmmmmmm nom nom nom!

  7. Chocolate with caramel is always my first choice, followed closely with Kit Kats and Snickers!

  8. Hershey kisses

  9. Twix, and I eat the layers separate! :)

  10. My favorite is probably kit kats, but there isn't much that I don't like when it comes to Halloween candy. Guess that's my problem! :)

  11. Oh my fave is a toss up between Reese's PB Cups, Heath and Almond Joy.

  12. I love the candy pumpkins :)


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