GE Champions for Kids Simple Service Project - Donate Lightbulbs #GELightingCFK

As part of my partnership with GE, I received coupons for my GE light bulbs. All opinions posted about my GE Lighting experience are my own.

Faith helping with our shopping project!

This month, Faith and I are participating in a simple service project, thanks to GE Lighting and Champions for Kids.  Benjamin may be joining in with us too, next week, but he had Cub Scouts the night we got started.

Time to find the best deal we can!

When you think about donations for charities for kids, you probably think about things like clothes or books or school supplies, items that the kids will use themselves.  However, most charities often operate on a tight budget and there are regular daily needs that many people just don't think of, including basic supplies, like light bulbs.  GE Lighting gave us the opportunity to pick out some energy saving light bulbs to donate to a charity of our choosing.

This ended up being our winning pick, with 6 bulbs per pack!

If you think about it, donating something like energy saving light bulbs can help in more ways than one, as I explained to Miss Faith.  There's the initial cost of light bulbs and replacing them, which can certainly add up.  (We learned this when we moved into our house on base and had to replace all the regular light bulbs with our preferred spiral kind.)

So many choices!

But there's also the energy savings that happens when you switch light bulbs.  For example, the box we purchased estimated that each light bulb in the box would cost approximately $3.13 to use over the course of a year, which is a $97 energy savings over a comparable regular light bulb.  So, in theory, that box of 6 lightbulbs could add up to a $600 savings for a charity in electric costs, freeing up more money to run their programs.  Check out GE's Energy Savings Calculator to learn more about what you can save.

Check out our Google+ story for more photos of Faith's and my adventure trying to figure out our donation, and tune in next week for the actual donation part of the process!  Have you thought about doing a simple service project?  I'd love to hear about it!

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias Champions for Kids and GE Lighting #CBias #SocialFabric


  1. We like the "spiral" bulb, too... but when we put one in my lamp in my bedroom (which has dark walls and a quilt over the windows due to bad headaches from natural light), it was not even half as bright as a 'regular' lightbulb. I was so disappointed and we had to go back to the store and buy a 'regular' one. My mom is using the other ones in her room, but with the darkness of my room and the fact that I do a lot of reading, I need a lightbulb that will actually give me a lot of light.

    That being said, I never thought about donating something like lightbulbs, and it is neat that you go to do so for free! :)


  2. I'm in the process of swapping out my bulbs right now. It's such a great idea to donate them to charities that really need them.


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