Cute Teacher Holiday Gifts

After using my favorite Starbucks idea for Teacher Appreciation Week last school year, I knew I wanted a different idea for Christmas this year, since F&B have many of the same teachers.  I tossed around a few ideas and finally decided that Sonic Gift Cards might work, especially with Sonic Happy Hour.  And the Happy Hour part fit very well into the presentation.

F&B and I headed out to Sonic to pick up gift cards, then to the commissary to find plastic wine glasses and Hershey's Kisses to fill them.  I made up quick little notes on Excel that said:

It's time for Christmas Break
Enjoy your Happy Hour
Love, Faith & Ben C...

I cut those down to size, back them with scrapbook paper and tucked them into the wineglasses.  The plastic caused them to cling to the inside, so they stayed in place when filled.  We taped the gift cards to the stem, and loaded them all up into a cute bag to deliver to the school on the last day before Christmas Break.

Now I need to start thinking for the next new idea for our Teacher Appreciation week, but you're welcome to steal this one for yours without the Christmas references!