Eight Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I caved.  We now have an elf.  He's not on a shelf, he's mostly on the sideboard with the pictures.  He's also the plush version because the regular version scared me.  The kids like him and named him David (which is also my dad's name).

We did not get the book and our elf has no official rules.  He moves when he feels like it.  He doesn't watch for behavior or report back to Santa, and he is allowed to be touched.  Oh, and he does NOT make messes.  None of the elf's antics should involve copious amounts of set up or clean up time on my part.  I already have to clean up after the humans.

Bubble bath elves seem popular and cotton balls are easy to clean up.  The elf borrowed one of the husband's spare Army helmets to make his tub and a few towels from the dollhouse in Faith's room.

Our elf brings the occasional treat but does not bring presents.  However, he does open the mail when he knows there are blog review products coming.

The elf used some of the pantry items to build a small fort.  This could involve more effort, except I had already cleaned the pantry and stacked everything by size and genre, so he was able to find things very easily.

The elf invited our Thanksgiving turkey to join him for a quick game of M&Ms and pretzels tic-tac-toe.  The elf won and F&B ate the game.

David the elf practiced his rock {candy?} climbing with a few candy canes on our mini blinds.

The elf decided to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to the kids' favorite lovies.  From left to right is Ben's Hoppy, David the Elf, Ben's Peepers, and Faith's Bear.

This morning, David took a ride in one of Ben's Tonka trucks and brought a few yummy chocolate mints for an after school snack.

While waiting on the kids to come home and do their homework, the elf worked on a word search. Ben helped him finish.

The kids are enthralled, the elf is busy and non-messy, and we're only on December 6th.  The elf may only be showing up once per day unless a stroke of brilliance hits.


  1. I remember this from last year's blogging world, but I don't quite understand what exactly the elf IS...

    1. I think he's supposed to be a Santa spy, watch what the kids are doing and report back to Santa. We just move him around the house for the kids' amusement. I keep calling him our half-*** elf. ;o)

  2. Haha! Love this-- and thank you for linking up! My favorite line, "He's also the plush version because the regular version scared me."

    1. Thanks! There is something a bit disconcerting about the real one. The plush one just seems friendlier.

  3. Adorable! I love that your elf doesn't make messes for humans lol. Thanks for linking up!

    Lisa @ Diary of a {Wannabe} Domestic Diva

  4. That really looks like fun for the family--and you get to do quite a bit of creative thinking, too!


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