State of Colorado Winner!

Back in the fall, Faith's teacher sent out an email contest about an essay contest from the Daughters of the American Revolution organization.  It was open to fifth through eighth graders, with one winner per grade.  I suggested to Faith that she give it a try and she did.  The main topic was Forgotten Patriots of the American Revolution and she wrote about James Armistead Lafayette.  We sent it off, then kind of forgot about it.

In early January, the counselor at her school called me.  He had received a call from the local chapter that Faith's essay had won for our area.  Since the school awards ceremony was coming up, we kept it a secret from her for a few days, and her counselor presented her the award during the assembly.  She received a certificate and a bronze medal.  And we kind of forgot about it again.

Fast forward to the end of February and I get a phone call.  Faith's essay won for the entire state of Colorado!  This time, the husband and I took her out to dinner for a celebration pie (long story) and told her then.  During the third quarter awards assembly at her school, the LtCol from the sponsoring battalion presented her with a battalion coin from him & the unit.

This past weekend, we were invited to Denver for Faith to receive her state award at the DAR conference.  She was introduced to the whole luncheon and received another medal (silver this time) and the chance to compete for the southwest region!

Of course, our diva is thrilled and we are pretty impressed with her too.  This makes her one of 50 fifth grade winners in the entire country!