Tyson Chicken Fries and Homemade Tomato-Red Pepper Dip #ChickenFryTime

With two kids, we love quick and easy meals and snacks, so we were quite excited to check out the Tyson Chicken Fries.

Since F&B were off school on Friday, I schlepped them off to Sam's with me to see the store display and samples and do a little other shopping.  (For the record, no coffee creamer = emergency! We fixed that at Sam's too.)

This afternoon, in the process of attempting to get ready for the Girl Scout campout tonight, the perfect opportunity for a quick chicken snack appeared!  Thankfully, I have a 10 year old and was able to put her to work helping me out.  She was agreeable though, since she also wanted a snack.

Our thoughts?  The chicken fries are yummy, I loved the taste and the shape was perfect for dipping.  The kids had quite a few and even the puppy got a tiny sample (he's technically the third furry kid).

Even more fun, we were tasked with making a dipping sauce for chicken!  Ours is a favorite anyhow, and really is a great dipping sauce for appetizers too--veggies, crackers, it even makes a great sandwich spread.  And tomatoes & roasted red pepper together?  YUM!

Since the chicken fries bake in about 12-15 minutes, at 400 degrees, we used the cooking time to make our dipping sauce, again, tasked to Miss Faith while I was working on other campout related items.

Tomato-Roasted Red Pepper Dipping Sauce
1/2 block cream cheese, softened
3-4 roasted red pepper pieces
4 tbsp spaghetti sauce
2 tbsp mayo

In a mini food processor, place the red pepper pieces and the spaghetti sauce until the red pepper is mostly pureed.
Add the cream cheese, puree again.
Add the mayo, puree again.
Use a spatula to clean the sides, and stir the ingredients to ensure well blended.
Serve immediately and refrigerate any leftovers.

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  1. What a great helper you have! Glad everyone enjoyed their snack. :)


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