End of the Year Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I actually started planning these way back in September, and was hoping they would work out the way I had planned in my head.

Each month, when the Scholastic orders came out, I ordered each of the $1 books, sometimes in triplicate--one for Ben's teacher, one for Faith's teacher, one for my kids, depending on the age level of each.  For Ben's second grade teacher, I went with all the Easy Readers/Step into Reading books, up through some chapter books like Roald Dahl and Wayside School.  For Faith's fifth grade teacher, we stuck to all chapter books, but were able to use the older online orders to add more to hers.  In the end, I ended up with about 15 books for Ben's teacher, 12 for Faith's, due to book choices.

I debated about bags, which I was out of, and baskets, but didn't figure anyone wanted more baskets, then decided to tie each stack of books with a ribbon.  At the top of each stack, I added a Starbucks gift card, wrapped in the cardboard insulator (my Starbucks was out of envelopes that day).  On top, we wrote "A gift for the classroom ... and a gift for you! Love, Faith/Ben"


  1. Wow, what a CUTE idea! LOVE!! Love your blog!(:

  2. This is a fantastic gift! As a teacher, I would love to get this from a student.

  3. Love, love, love this idea. Budget friendly and practical. I am certain their teachers loved it!

    You made the top five list this week. Check out your feature here: http://www.crystalandcomp.com/2013/06/best-mom-advice-6413/

  4. I am a mom and a teacher. My son starts kindergarten at my school this year. I am doing this for his teacher, for sure!!

  5. I am a teacher and a mom and I love this idea! My son is starting to kindergarten at my school this year. I will be doing this for his teacher, for sure!


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