Our Reading Challenge, Week 3

Week 2 of our reading challenge was a little rougher than week 1, simply because it was also the last week of school.

We all persevered and finished our books, but it definitely came down to the wire Sunday night.  We had so much other stuff going on with Faith's graduations, Scouts, camp, and all the end of the year stuff that just making it to Friday was a victory.

This week, we're much better prepared for reading and relaxing, since it's the first official week of summer.

Our Picks for This Week:


Me: Silent Mercy by Linda Fairstein - Shaun bought me this one awhile back because it looked like my kind of book.  It is. :)

Faith: Meet Josefina from the American Girl series - Apparently, we do not own the Josefina books, so she snagged them at the $1 book sale last week.

Ben: Jedi Apprentice: The Dark Rival - Another $1 book find and Ben wanted to read a Star Wars book "just like Daddy!"