Our Scouting Weekend

This weekend, we finally wrapped up Scouting for the year for both kids!

Ben had his Cub Scout campout and crossover all weekend long, so he and Daddy camped with the rest of the troop. I opted for the visit, enjoy the BBQ, festivities and campfire, then sleep in my own bed route.  The campsite is actually on post, so I was able to go back and forth several times.

At the end of Satuday night's campfire, Ben had his official crossover and is now a Bear!

Sunday afternoon, Faith had her Girl Scout bridging ceremony too!  A couple of weekends ago, she and her troop took 3 Brownie troops (24 girls!) on a campout.  That was their final project as Juniors and all of the girls earned their Bronze Award.  They received their award at the beginning of the ceremony, then bridged to Cadettes.

We're now on break from Scouts for the summer, just a few fun activities here and there, then we'll start back up in the fall with their new levels!