4th ID Museum/Mountain Post Historical Center {Colorado Springs}

One of our summer bucket list items was to check out the D-Day exhibit at the 4th ID Museum on Fort Carson.

We've actually been at Fort Carson since September 2011 and I have meant, for ages, to go visit the museum.  It's quite close to our house, but just outside the main gates of Carson, meaning it is easily open and accessible to the public, not just those with access to the post.

The museum is set up counter clockwise, starting with World War 1, and working its way to the present, highlighting the 4th ID's role in various conflicts.  Faith has been reading a lot about WW2 and the Holocaust (Number the Stars, Twenty & Ten, among others) so many of those artifacts interested her.  Ben, as per the norm, was fascinated with the vehicles, including the jeep above.

The Vietnam section features a lot of neat artifacts and information on the 4th ID's role in the war, including the last flag flown over Camp Enari.  It was saved by the 1st Lieutenant who oversaw the dismantling of the camp and presented back to a member of the 4th ID as it had been their base.

Moving towards the current conflicts, a small piece of the WTC is on display, lots of information about the 4th ID's capture of Saddam Hussein, including a replica of the hole he was found in, maps of the compound and how the 4th ID assisted in the capture.


One of the newer additions to the museum is a "Touch Table" with plenty of helmets, hats and military gear for the kids to try on.  Despite the fact that they love to wear Daddy's stuff, F&B loved trying on the equipment--Ben was especially fascinated with the helmet and radio set, and kept talking into the microphone.

After the museum, we took a walk outside.  At the front of base is a little park area with tanks and vehicles in the field, along with the 4th ID War on Terror Memorial Garden and a beam from the World Trade Centers.  We stopped for a bit to read the names and pay our respects, and I realized the latest 4 have yet to be added. :(

The museum was fun though and the kids enjoyed it.  We've decided we will have to take Nana & Dave the next time they come to visit (and hopefully I will get a chance to read everything I want to!).