Lowes Build & Grow - Monsters University Scarers

Back in Dallas, when we had a Lowes just blocks from our house, I used to take F&B to the free Lowes Build & Grow kids' clinic to make various crafts on Saturday morning.

Since moving to Colorado, this has kind of fallen by the wayside, as Lowes is no longer in a plaza with SuperTarget next to my house.  (For the record, I highly miss both of those places being in close proximity.)

On a forum I am on, someone posted that this weekend started a series of Disney Pixar projects, beginning with Monsters University, so I decided to sign the kids up.  Lowes still offers Saturday morning clinics, but they also offer a second time, on Sunday afternoons!  Since we are not get up & go in the morning people, I signed us up for Sunday.


The kids had a blast, still, again, whichever way you look at it.  It is definitely different attending one of these clinics with kids who are now 10 and 7, instead of 6 and 3 like when we first started going. At this point, they are able to build things almost entirely on their own.  Other than the original glance at the directions, I'm just the one who holds the pieces for extra support while hammering, and occasionally helps affix the stickers straight.

We also signed up for the Monsters University Chest one in two weeks, and our Lowes showed really cute Toy Story and Pixar's new movie Planes coming up in the next two months.