Our Reading Challenge, Week 4

Week 3 was our first official week of summer and the reading challenge went well.  I finished my pick, and another Janet Evanovich one, Faith finished her pick and two others.  Poor Mr. Ben lost his pick (as in we can't find it anywhere in our house), so he read a few other books too, but has been lamenting the loss of his Star Wars choice.  I figure, we will find it eventually.

This week, the kids have another full week with no activities before day camp starts, so they have some loftier goals than normal!

Our Picks for This Week:


Me: In the Shadow of the Banyan - This was a random Amazon find that sounded awesome, so I downloaded it for my Kindle.  This week was a toss up between this and Lost in Shangri-La, which I may end up reading too.

Faith: More All of a Kind Family, along with All of a Kind Family Uptown and Ella of All of a Kind Family - I managed to piece this whole collection together for her last year and she is loving it!  They were favorites of mine, so very happy she likes them too.

Ben: Balto & the Great Race, and hopefully we find the Star Wars book this week! - We love dogs and I think we'll order the movie after this to watch.  Ben loves to do the book & movie combo.