Our Reading Challenge, Week 7

Week 6 was a bit rougher than I thought. We added afternoon sports camp to morning day camp this past week, along with Tuesday and Thursday swim team practices, and our regular nightly 2.5 mile walks with the puppy and our neighbors. Needless to say, only Ben finished his entire book (Faith and I are close, but exhaustion won out

So this week, our plan is to finish what we have, and hopefully one more.  I'm not holding my breath though, I know it will be one more crazy week--morning day camp, but three nights of swimming, can make things insane again.

Our Picks for This Week:


Me: One for the Money - I need something light-hearted and I love Janet Evanovich.

Faith: On the Banks of Plum Creek - This was always my favorite Little House book, I'm hoping she likes it as much as I do.

Ben: Aliens Don't Carve Jack-o'-Lanterns - Ben loves this series, so this should definitely be a hit.