Our Reading Challenge, Week 5

Week 4 was a big reading week for both kids.  Not only did Faith finish the All-of-a-Kind family book she chose, she also finished the other 3 she had remaining in the series.  Ben read Balto and three of the Dr. Roach's Monstrous Stories I had just bought for him.  I loved my book as well, but unlike the kids, I only made it through my pick as the week got away from me.

But so begins another week and another set of books to read.

Our Picks for This Week:


Me: Lost in Shangri-La - This was another of my random Amazon finds, suggested based on other books I've purchased.  I thought it sounded quite good.

Faith: Little House in the Big Woods - This was my favorite series growing up, and a certain stubborn child has refused to read it thus far.  No idea what changed her mind, maybe the fact I suggested All-of-a-Kind Family and she loved it?

Ben: The Tale of Despereaux (graphic novel) - He found this in a stack of books I had bought and has already started it.  I'm sure he'll finish by tomorrow, but for now, it's this week's first pick. I also found the missing Star Wars book in the basement, so that may be pick #2.