Lowes Build & Grow - Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck

Time for another Lowes Sunday!

I'm going to be so sad when fall rolls around and the building events are only on Saturday mornings.  This week, however, we still have a Sunday one, and the kids go to build a Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.  Although I did take both of them, every single picture I took of Faith was blurry, so it's just all-Ben today!

This week's project was one of the easier ones and Ben was able to do it all himself, with just a few parts for me to hold steady while he put them together.  He was quite proud of himself too, and couldn't wait to bring it home to show Daddy!

Faith was intrigued by the actual plan which had Toy Story facts on it--apparently the Pizza Planet truck appears in every Pixar movie but the Incredibles!  We had to Google where it is in each movie, so we can be on the lookout for it.  In case you're curious, it's all in the Pixar Wiki.