Our Reading Challenge, Week 10

Week 9 gave Ben and I a great chance to read.  I finished 7, 8 and 9 of my series, while Ben finished his Agent P book from last week and various other ones.  Faith, however, is tired from camp, swim and theater/dance, and I'm not sure she read much of anything this week.  I think the girl needs a vacation!

Because of that, Ben and I picked new books for the week and Faith is staying with last week's choice.

Our Picks for This Week:


Me: 10th Anniversary by James Patterson - Almost done with the Women's Murder Club, going to read 10 and 11 this week, and hopefully 12!

Faith: By the Shores of Silver Lake - Still on this series for Miss Faith, if she manages to stay awake long enough.

Ben: Hardy Boys Secret Files: The Great Coaster Caper - Ben read a few others in this series and loved them, so I grabbed him this one at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago.