Our Reading Challenge, Week 12

I think this may be our last week of our reading challenge. Next week, we are off to family camp. We'll all be bringing books, but I won't likely be blogging it. Once we get home, we'll be starting with school, so I'm not sure what free reading will bring or when. I hate to pin myself down to specific titles, knowing we'll have lots of other reading going on. And twelve weeks of challenges is fairly awesome!

We read everything scheduled from last week, so this week, we're continuing on.

Our Picks for This Week:


Me: Private by James Patterson - No specific reason, other than the fact that I own it in paperback and tossed it into my bag for this past weekend's camping trip.  I didn't have much of a chance to read there, but I read the first few chapters, so I'll finish it.

Faith: Sixth Grade Secrets by Louis Sachar - Both kids like his books, as do I.  Hoping this is as good as the usual ones!

Ben: Bone: Out from Boneville by Jeff Smith - Ben found this at the $4 Book Store.  I know very little about it, but it looks like fun.