Our Reading Challenge, Week 8

Week 7 was quite busy for the kids with more camp activities and playdates with friends.  While I had plenty of down time to read, Ben didn't have much and Faith had even less.  Ben finished his book, mostly because it was a shorter read, while Faith didn't even come close.  She did fall asleep fairly early for her, so I felt like it was a reasonable tradeoff!

Our Picks for This Week:


Me: 4th of July - I already read 3rd Degree last week after I finished One for the Money, so my plan is to read 4th of July and probably #5 and #6 in the series.  I love James Patterson's books and find them fairly quick reads.

Faith: On the Banks of Plum Creek - Round two of this book, she finally has a week off with no outside activities, so she may actually get a chance to read.  She loves being busy, but this might be killing her.

Ben: Ellray Jakes Walks the Plank - Ben chose this as his prize from the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program and started it in the car on the way home!