American Girl Crafts Scrapbooking Houseparty #AmericanGirlCrafts

The girl and I applied awhile back to host a Houseparty for American Girl Crafts by EK Success.  As part of our application, we had decided that we would turn this into a Girl Scout event for our troop, and we were picked!  I love that the craft line has a lot options that work for the tween age group--sewing, painting and scrapbooking!

This time, Houseparty sent us 12 of the My Life scrapbooks, along with a plethora of embellishments for the girls to decorate them with!  We received multiple packs of the Keep It Clips, Say It Stickers, Stuff It Pockets, Design It Tape, List It Pad Arrows, and more.  Since we have 8 Girl Scouts in our troop, an older sister who wanted to join in too, and Faith wanted to invite a good friend of hers who isn't in Scouts, we were so happy to have lots of supplies to go around.  I also brought out a few of my own punches for pictures and a couple of paper cutters to help the girls out, since scissors are not great for straight cuts.

The girls had a blast!  Our other Girl Scout leader printed tons of pictures from various events for the girls to use and I had suggested they bring some family and non-Scout friends pictures to use too.  We did forget to print a pet picture, so Faith had to leave the spot blank until she can feature Mr. Dante on a page all his own.

The girls scrapbooked for almost two hours, until their parents started showing up to pick them up.  I had bought cookies and lemonade so they could have snacks, but no one was interested.  They just noshed on the M&Ms, Skittles and pretzels I had on the tables.  (From grown up scrapbooking times, I learned all about the non-messy scrapbook snacks.)  Faith's friend stayed another hour with us and the two of them continued to scrapbook after everyone else left.

Faith may now have a new hobby, and definitely has a list of birthday ideas.  She has made a ton of pages since that night and has been uploading pictures for us to print for her.  I just love seeing her be creative, so I'm happy to help fund this hobby!

While I was selected to host this Houseparty and received all the scrapbooking kits/accessories at no charge, this blog post was not required nor compensated and all opinions expressed are my own.  We just really enjoyed our scrapbooking party and wanted to share the experience!