Cub Scout Carnival Game: Shooting Gallery

Our Pack had a back-to-school Cub Scout Recruiting Carnival this year. Each Den was tasked with making an easy game they could bring to the carnival so the other kids could play while parents learned more about Scouts and filled out forms.

Cub Scout Carnival Game Easy Shooting Gallery

We saw a really cool idea at the husband's unit family day, so took pictures and he and his fellow Scout Leaders had our boys build their own Cub Scout Shooting Gallery!

Cub Scout Carnival Game Easy Shooting Gallery

Each quarter log had holes drilled into it, then was fitted with a drop of glue and a golf tee.  (FYI, little boys *love* using drills.)  We bought ping pong balls at the dollar store to fit on top of the tees and the kids each got a chance to try to shoot off the balls!

Cub Scout Carnival Game Easy Shooting Gallery

The unit day was really warm and outdoors, so they used water guns which would have been my preference.

For Cub Scouts, however, we had to have the option to move indoors, so we opted for disk guns and ball guns, also from the dollar store.  In retrospect, water guns might have worked better, or Nerf guns, but we were trying to keep the project cheap.

The game was a hit too!  It's probably not surprising that little boys also enjoy getting to shoot at things, so Ben and company were happy that their game went over so well.