Cub Scouts “Prepared. For Life.” Facebook Quiz

Scout parents know that Scouting activities bring the perfect mix of unforgettable fun and essential life lessons.  And, with more than 130 diverse badges to earn, Scouts have fun learning all sorts of valuable skills. When people think about the Boy Scouts, they often just think of camping and outdoor activities. But Scouts learn about everything from astronomy and oceanography to music and sculpture.

For moms who aren’t sure if scouting is right for their sons, the Denver Area Council has created a quick Facebook quiz where moms answer questions about their son’s favorite activities to find out which badges he might enjoy earning.

When the quiz is complete, moms will know that wherever her son’s interests may be, he can succeed in the Scouts, make friends and acquire skills and experiences that will last a lifetime. There's also a troop locator map and a chance to win a $50 gift certificate gift for

Ben loves Cub Scouts and is so excited to be a Bear this year. We have an amazing Den and can't wait for the new year to start!  We kicked it off tonight with a Cub Scout Carnival where the boys built the games, then our first big pack meeting is next week!