Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up (8/26 - 8/30)

Another week behind us, and we now have a working printer, a working monitor, and a kid with a broken arm that is on the mend.  We planned for a 4-day week this week, because we had family come to visit on Friday and Saturday.

I finished my second week teaching and it was much smoother than the first week, possibly because there were no new broken limbs to deal with.  We also had Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and orientation for the kids' charter school this week, so it's only going to get busier from here on out.

Highlights of our week, this week:

  • Ben's Mesopotamia History Pocket, he also wants to go to Mesopotamia now, despite the fact that none of us want to join him in Iraq
  • Faith is impressed with her handwriting, she was able to write an entire journal entry in cursive (and with a broken arm)
  • We tie-dyed shirts at our homeschool group!
  • We're about to switch science curriculums already, starting this week.  The sheer amount of materials I need to buy for REAL Science Odyssey means it will have to wait a few more months.  We're going to do Botany instead.
  • The kids picked their electives for their charter school--Kung Fu, Conservatory (a longer drama program) and Rubik's Cube
  • We took a trip to Garden of the Gods with Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Bill, and discovered that they have a Junior Park Ranger program, so we are going to go back and do that at some point.
No official goals for next week--just hoping for a good start at the charter school!

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