Book Series and AR Points for Boys

Ben's Summer Before Second Grade Project:
Read the Entire Magic Treehouse Series

I actually made this list last year for Ben, before we returned to homeschooling.  He's read the vast majority of the books below and at least a few from each of the series.  Most were read in second grade, a few in first grade, and he still enjoys some of them in third grade.  AR points are listed as well.  Since I did all the work to look them up, I may as well share them!

Magic Tree House series:
#1 Dinosaurs Before Dark to #28 High Tide in Hawaii - 1 point each
#29 Christmas in Camelot to #48 A Perfect Time for Pandas - 2 points each

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series:
Main series - 3 point each

Bailey School Kids:
Main series, plus super specials - 1 point each
Except - Mrs Jeepers in Outer Space - 2 points

Magic School Bus (chapter books):
Main series (ie. The Truth About Bats, etc) - 1 point each

Captain Underpants:
#1 The Adventures of Captain Underpants to #8 Captain Underpants & the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People- 1 point each
#9 Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Re-Turn of Tippy Tinkletrousers - 3 points

Flat Stanley:
Regular series (not I Can Read books) - 1 point each
Worldwide Adventures - 1 point each

My Weird School & My Weirder School:
Both series - 1 point each

School from the Black Lagoon:
Main series - 0.5 points each

Nate the Great:
Main series - 0.5 points each

Horrible Harry:
Majority of the series - 1 point each
Except Room 2B, Kickball Wedding, Christmas Surprise, Purple People, Secret - 0.5 points each

A to Z Mysteries:
Main series - 1 point each
Super Specials - 2 points each

Geronimo Stilton:
Main series - 1 point each
Except A Christmas Tale, Saves the Olympics - 0.5 points each
Thea Stilton series - 2 points each
Kingdom of Fantasy series - 3 points each

George Brown, Class Clown:
Main series - 1 point each

Cam Jansen:
Main series (not Young Cam Jansen) - 1 point each
Super Specials (Summer Camp, Sports Day) - 2 points each

Lunch Lady:
Main series - 0.5 points each

Stink (from Judy Moody):
Main series - 1 point each

Arthur Chapter Books:
Main series - 1 point each

Bad Kitty:
Bad Kitty, Gets a Bath, Christmas, Vs. Uncle Murray - 0.5 points each
Meets the Baby, For President, Happy Birthday - 1 point each

Andrew Lost:
Main series - 1 point each

#1 Dragonbreath - 1 point
#2 to #7 - 2 points each