Garden of the Gods Again {Colorado Outings}

While my aunt and uncle were visiting this weekend, we decided it was time for another trip to Garden of the Gods. It is, after all, the quintessential Colorado Springs destination.  We've reviewed it before, as part of our Colorado outings, but it's so pretty in the summer that it was worth sharing again.

We also discovered that the park has a Junior Ranger program--you buy a book, work on it throughout the park, and upon completion, the kids earn a Junior Ranger patch.  We'll be doing that as a homeschool field trip this year.

After starting the basic trail, F&B took off on one of the side trails, that took them way up the side of a rock.

Even with a broken arm, Faith managed to scale one of her favorite areas, sort of near the Three Graces.  While I'm glad the arm doesn't stop her, I do wish she'd use some more caution.

I can't remember where we were in the park here, but the picture is just gorgeous with the sky.

This is another favorite place for Faith and Ben, a sliver between two rocks (or maybe a cutout) they can shimmy into, also near the Three Graces.

And no trip is complete without at least one crazy pose, this time at the top of one of their rock climbs.